December 31st: Happy New Year!

by Chrissie Wainright on January 1st, 2012
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December 31st: New Years Eve


Countdown gymnastics style

We tried something new this year!  We turned our Christmas tree into a New Years Tree!  I hope this helps me get motivated to clean things up a little bit sooner, as I’ve been known to leave the tree up until February sometimes.  With kids around, I want the space back a little sooner.

Our New Years Tree

Daddy and Serenity are still camping out

Giggling children, my happiest sound =)

It was a lot of fun!  Serenity helped me pull all the old ornaments off the tree, except for the blue balls.  Then we added some blue lights and a ton of streamers we inherited from Don.  One rainbow ball at the top and the tree was done!  It was so much fun Daddy added a wall of streamers for us to run through.  Later in the evening we made party hats, and we celebrated the New Years Countdown Rio De Janeiro style.  Serenity loved watching the minutes and then the seconds count down to zero!  She wanted a round number =)


We also did some shopping with the Christmas gift card Papa got Serenity to Toys R Us.  We went through the whole store letting her pick whatever she wanted, and then we lined it all up to choose things that added up to the amount on the gift card.  We loved what she chose!  Chutes and Ladders (princess style.  She originally had super heroes but then Daddy offered the princess one and she went with that)  The Richard Scarry airplane game, which we put away for a couple of weeks so we have something new when the weather turns bad.  A book, a Dora puzzle, and a pool/slide for her Strawberry Shortcake girls.  Oh, and a craft kit.  Great fun!!!  Thanks Papa!


We also had lunch at Olive Garden.  Both kids were awesome, although I think Donovan made the most noise I’ve ever heard out of him, they were all happy noises.  The restaurant was noisy and I think it made him excited. =)  Serenity loved choosing her food from the menu, and she ate with a fork and everything.  Yay!

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  • Ashlee Ford Versypt

    Joel and I gave my nieces the Chutes and Ladders Disney Princess game for Christmas. At first they fought over who would be which princess. Later at home, they played the game nicely. We also gave them Hungry Hungry Hippos, and they loved it!