Donovan is Seven Months Old!

by Chrissie Wainright on January 8th, 2012
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Two teeth on the bottom!



Donovan is seven months old!  He’s soo close to crawling.  He used to sit for long periods of time playing, delighted that he could sit up on his own.  But now he must feel he’s mastered that and it’s time to move on, because he lands in tummy time almost immediately when I set him down these days.  He’ll reach for a toy that’s just too far, and be almost on hands and knees.  He’s not quite there though.  He’s also very happy to stand if you help balance him by holding his hands or waist.  He just wants to move!


He’s been eating solid foods for a month now.  By that I mean he sits in his high chair at regular intervals grinning at me with his mouth closed.  I feel like I’m trying to sneak in bites when he tries to talk.  It’s like playing mini-golf and trying to get the ball past a door that only opens for a second.  The first day he opened his mouth wide for the spoon, but since then he’s just not that interested in baby food.  The one exception was baby bananas.  When I gave him that he actually finished an entire jar!  I’m not sure they sat well with him though so we’re taking a break from that.  Ironically, he’ll open his mouth if Serenity is holding the spoon.  So she’s fed him a time or two.  He loves puffs and is getting pretty good at picking them up.  We might just need to try him with tiny chunks of actual food, maybe it’s just the baby food he’s not a fan of.  Not even applesauce!


He’s talking up a storm these days, lots of Mamamama (which he said for the first time over Christmas), Dadada and Bababa!.  And Hi =)  Eric thought he might be trying to use Mama the right way, but I don’t think you can really tell for sure yet.


His favorite toys are still his crayons.  They are just right for gnawing on.  He is drooling like crazy so probably teething, although he is still pretty calm about it. He wakes up pretty early wanting to snuggle Mama, but he calms easily once I get him.

Mmmm Dr. Pepper

Can almost stand holding onto the couch... but when I let go it's a spectacular wipeout =)

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