Serenity in January

by Chrissie Wainright on January 31st, 2012
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Serenity in January 2012



Serenity has started making up little songs =)  They are cute and tend to get stuck in your head.  For example:
One little bunny, hopping around,

I don’t think so that’s what I found.
Two little bunnies, hopping around,

I don’t think so that’s what I found.


And on and on it goes, up to ten. =)  Then trees start dancing around.  I liked that it rhymed!

She sang another song that might have come from school, we’re not sure.  But it was cute.  She doesn’t sing a lot outside of the ABC’s and Twinkle and Jingle Bells so I like this new stuff. =)


Bee, bee, bee don’t fly at me

Go somewhere else and make honey!


We had another meeting with her teacher about whether she should get another year in the 3-4 year old class since she’s a bit young.  We decided she would stay with Ms. Parent another year to give her a little bit more time to mature.  She still absolutely loves school.  I woke up Tuesday hearing her voice on the monitor: “You guys, you guys!  It’s the sun!  It’s Tuesday!  It’s a SCHOOL DAY!!!!!”  So excited =)  She played in before care for a few minutes while we had our meeting with Ms. Parent.  Ms. Parent was all ready to reassure her that she knew kids in there, but Serenity popped right in the room without a backward glance.  I love her confidence and enthusiasm.


Here are a couple of cute moments I posted on Facebook:

I said, “Serenity, you may have ONE cookie.” She takes an oreo, pops it open, and says, “Look Mama, I have TWO cookie!” Am raising a smartass.
Playing bridge with Serenity in the room… All of a sudden we notice she is tossing her own cards at the couch and saying “I pass! I pass the cards!” guess she only knows one kind of passing 🙂
Looking back through the pictures from the month there are so many things I didn’t write about!
Serenity got to be the flower girl in Tina’s wedding.  She adored her dress. It has a satin top and a soft tulle twirly skirt, and she’d swish it back and forth to make the dress fly out.  I’d let her practice with basket and petals earlier in the day.  So after she scattered petals around Tina and Colen, she picked up all her petals so she could do it again.  Just like we practiced right? =)  She was adorable!

Twirly Dress

Early in the month USchool had Science Saturday.  We attended and Serenity loved it!  We made a battery using lemons, played with lots of sounds in the music room, and made Ooobleck.  Serenity liked saying oobleck more than actually touching it, but three weeks later she could still remember the recipe for it!  Starch and glue =)  I loved the balloon activities.  We made a pinwheel that spun around using a balloon, and another activity with the balloon.  Mrs. McBride was helping with that one.  She does all the science for Serenity’s class, which is one of Serenity’s favorite things about school!

Serenity and her friend Emerson

Science Saturday with Mrs. McBride

Football with Daddy, Casey and Barrett! The pink football was a Christmas present for Daddy

Eric is blocking for Serenity =)

The huddles =)


Learning chess. She sat there for a long time playing the game!



Practicing her gymnastics flexibility =)


She still loves the pencils from her book club =)


=) Love this picture



Practicing her writing skills she is

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