Serenity in May

by Chrissie Wainright on May 31st, 2012
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May was an amazing month, so I think I should break up this post a bit.  Here’s Serenity’s update, but I have more to write about our family vacation to Branson and our Cali visit!  And then I’ll be updating for Donovan’s birthday so we may have a post a day for a while!!!


Some more quirks I thought I should record:


Serenity likes to answer questions in the most obscure way she can.  I ask, do you want Froot Loops for breakfast or Mama’s cereal with craisins?  She says something like, “I’d really like a cereal that’s round.”  Do you want to wear your purple dress or your pink dress?  “I want to look just like June!”  She likes to keep me on my toes. =)


Another phrase she says all the time is, “I’ve never done that before.” or “I’ve never seen that before!”  It’s so cute, the way she says before.  Tonight it was, “I’ve never danced in pajamas before!” (I’m pretty sure she has though =)  Hard to describe, but she says this a LOT so I had to try and record it.


She likes to win races.  A lot.  She has this way of making sure she’s in the front, by dodging and weaving right and left to keep you from passing her.  Annoying, yes, but also effective.  When I went to school I saw her playing with her friends on the playground, and I finally got to see how this maneuver could come in really handy. =)


Twirling in her skirt =)

They enjoy each other so much! Serenity's starting to wrestle with him, which sometimes leads to fussing and biting, but also lots of giggling!

We read Ladybug Girl recently and Serenity has been wearing her rainbow wings so she can be Dragonfly Girl! (And breathe fire)

Serenity had her last days of her first year of school!  They were a delightful whirlwind of activities.  They had a little performance at school where they sang their time period song.  They sang about Egyptians and Medieval times.  Then she got her yearbook which her classmates signed (some with teacher help).  That evening was her music performance.  They sang so well!  I got to finally hear what I’d just gotten tantalizing tidbits of before.  My favorite was This Land is My Land and the Grand Old Flag.  Whenever she sees a flag when we’re driving it’s not just a flag, it’s a Grand Old Flag. =)  They sang Ebeneezer Sneezer which had really cute motions.  She looked like she was swaying and really into the music.


Serenity at her locker on the last day of school


Serenity with her friends Rachel and Emerson =) At the concert


Today was field day.  Eric went to help set up at 6am, and took charge of sack races, egg races, and capture the flag.  We got SO many compliments about how helpful and wonderful he was with the kids.  One teacher just gushed that he did such a good job with capture the flag, he made it fun for the kids, easy for the teachers, and she called him Coach Wainright.


Serenity seemed to enjoy a lot of flag day, although some of the group activities ended in tears for her.  Tug of war, not her thing.  Neither was it fun getting bumped by the gigantic ball.  She loved jumping in the sack race, and she told me her favorite thing was hula hoops and the inflatables.  I loved seeing her launch frogs in the air, balance on the crazy balance toys, and shoot baskets.  She also got to bounce on the big bouncy balls that have handles.  I got to see Rae, and Casey do that too, which was cool.  It was a great end to a fabulous first year.  I’m so glad she loved it so much, and I hope she always does!


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