Donovan’s Monthly Pics

by Chrissie Wainright on June 7th, 2012
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I did something a little different with Donovan’s pics =)  Every other month I did a black and white photo of him on a big desk calendar.  So I’ll put those together so you can see how he grew!  I did pictures on his birthday on the other months as well, so I’ll share those too below =)

Two Months


Four Months


Six Months


Eight Months


Eight Month Gymnastics =)


Ten Months


Twelve Months!!! One year old! =)

And back to the beginning =)

Newborn =) About the only time he ever cried.


One week


One Month


Six Weeks


Three Months


Five Months


Five Months Again =) Serenity gave him this elephant before he was born. =)


Seven Months


Nine Months. I love how this one shows his little eyebrow quirk. Just the cutest expression =)


Eleven Months

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