Donovan’s First Birthday Party!

by Chrissie Wainright on June 9th, 2012
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We had a ball at Donovan’s first birthday!  Literally =)  We had three dozen beach balls, ball pit balls, a giant bouncy ball, and a ball shaped smash cake.  Donovan got to use his excellent vocabulary a lot!  “Ball!  Ball! Throw! Roll!”  He went absolutely nuts when he saw his birthday cake, reaching out his arms and chanting, “Ball, ball, ball BALL!”  He didn’t quite know what to do when I gave it to him though, it was a little messy!  He tried to roll it around more than eat it, but he did get a few bites and responded with a very enthusiastic mmmmm!  It was pretty cute, his hands were solid blue from holding the ball and clapping.  And he had one little blue foot from kicking the ball.

I think all the kids had a blast!  We had the extravagantly awesome slide pool Dad got the kids for their birthday set up under our shade tent.  Plus the little blue fish pool, which was full of water and ball pit balls.  There were homemade sponge balls, great for throwing at your cousins.  All the kids loved the water play.  Casey invited Serenity to slide down with him several times, which she loved.


The water wall was fun too!  I saw everyone trying it out.  My favorite part is where the water spins the pinwheels.  Donovan likes the balls falling down the gutter.


We also had a few other yard games, like our corn hole bean bag toss, a hoop goal post made out of pool noodles, and of course, fishing!  We didn’t get to fishing until after a few guests had left, so everyone got to fish twice.  So much fun!


We all did the hokey pokey for his birthday video, and of course we sang Happy Birthday.  We also got a few more stories recorded, so I’ll start putting together his very own birthday dvd soon.  He loves Serenity’s dvd so I’m sure it’ll be a hit!


Food-wise we had pizza, and the cake was snickerdoodle cake since Donovan loved it so much in California.  Serenity helped me frost cupcakes.  Notice my white shirt, yeah, it was covered in blue fingerprints by the end.  I’m a genius =)  But blue icing is so cute =)



His gifts =) Thanks!



I think it was a wonderful party!  Thanks everybody!

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