Donovan is 13 and a half months =)

by Chrissie Wainright on July 22nd, 2012
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The last month and a half has been soo busy with the two birthday parties and so much summer fun, I’ve fallen behind again!  Donovan is growing and changing so much!  He is getting so adventurous!  He climbs EVERYTHING now!  The first day he started climbing, he managed to get into his high chair and nearly all the way up to the kitchen counter!  He managed to fall and hit the kitchen floor too of course.  Now nearly every day he works his way in a circle, climbing into the toy box, up onto the white table, over the couch arm, and down again over and over.  He tries to climb into chairs, up onto the desks. Fearless!  He can climb by himself into the play structure outside, and up the slide as well.  He is starting to slide down as well, although you have to catch him at the bottom, he can scoot over and kind of get himself into position now to go down by himself.

He and Barrett are kindred spirits.  It’s so cute to see them together.  Donovan tries to do absolutely everything Barrett does, whether it’s climbing the pillar in our living room or break dancing.  Donovan loves to dance.  He started out with this adorable little move, just shaking his booty and saying “dance, dance!”  He’s added a few steps now.  Sometimes he does this fast little boogie stepping from foot to foot.  And sometimes now he spins in circles until he’s dizzy.  All with his huge smile lighting up his face.  I love it!


His newest word is awesome.  Literally =)  “Awesome!”  It sounds like “awe-sa” and is said with real emphasis.  So cute.  He talks a lot now and tries to repeat nearly any word you say.  He can say a lot of words, but he’s starting to try and say whole sentences which makes it a little bit harder to understand.  It’s like, babble babble babble milk and babble babble sister babble.


He loves playing with his sister.  They wrestle and snuggle.  It often ends with him pulling her hair, or with him crying in frustration because she has him pinned, but if you separate them they immediately drift back together.


Donovan still loves hammers.  We got a wooden puzzle of tools, and he is always holding the little wooden hammer, not any of the other tools.  He uses it to bang on walls, and sleeping people.  So beware.  Bottles, bats, and other stick like objects are similarly useful.


He’s to the point that he can follow simple commands.  And hasn’t realized yet it’s more fun to do the exact opposite of what you say.  So if I say, go to diaper time, he does it!  I am enjoying this brief stage =)


We’re working on sleeping past two am.  He doesn’t need a snack in the middle of the night, I know, I know.  Eric has taken the middle of the night wakings, although I think part of the problem is that his room gets cold in the middle of the night.  I got something to deflect the air and turned the temp up a bit, and the last two nights he’s slept till 5am.  Much better than getting up twice a night, which he didn’t even do as a newborn.

Donovan loves Papa! I asked if he wanted to go see Papa and he danced all the way to the door =)


He likes the baby doll! He may have played with her more than Serenity =)



Calling Papa on the phone. He said “hi!!” As soon as he stopped turning his head to try and see where Papa was hiding =)


He looks all snuggly… but he’s armed with his hammer and a bottle.


A crazy straw toy to keep him busy in his high chair =) It actually works on them both. =)


Donovan’s First Ice Cream Cone




Donovan’s First Ice Cream Cone! Take Three =) All the pics were so cute I couldn’t decide!

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  • Debra

    What a beautiful, happy boy! I love the picture of PaPa with them both in his arms; the contrast of his strong, hard work arms against their sweet innocence and that level look he and Donovan are sharing. Priceless. You will cherish that photo for a long time.