Donovan and Serenity =)

by Chrissie Wainright on September 25th, 2012
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Serenity and Donovan absolutely melt my heart.  Sometimes I find them with their heads together over some activity, giggling and just enjoying each other.  Serenity got in the tupperware cabinet and put lids on all the tupperware so Donovan could stack them and knock them down.  She didn’t even complain when he knocked down her tower, she cheered him on!  She has also come up with a way to swing Donovan while she is swinging herself.  Earlier in the summer I put the big swing and the baby swing on the same side so I could push them at the same time and leave up the rings.  Well, now she swings on her stomach and runs on the ground to push herself and Donovan at the same time.  And when she gets tired of that, she gets down and pushes him by hand!  I love it! As soon as Donovan wakes up in my bed in the morning, his first words are “sister?!?”  If he hears her he pops right out of bed and wants to go see her.





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