by Chrissie Wainright on November 1st, 2012
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We had such a wonderful Halloween!  I got to make costumes again, which I love.  Even better, I did it using just fabric from my stash!  Sweet!  Serenity asked to be a cat.  This is actually the first thing she asked to be last year, but when I was looking for ideas she saw the Lemon Meringue costume and changed her mind.  Pretending to be a cat seems to be her favorite thing right now.  There are lots of times that she answers “Meow-es” instead of yes and Purrrr.  One day after school she told me all about her day… in cat.  She’s worn her tail nearly every day since I made it =)  Yay!!!

Donovan ended up being a dinosaur.  I seriously considered doing Thor because of the hammer, and a dog since Serenity was a cat and Donovan loves dogs, but the dinosaur roar was so cute we had to do it!  Plus I had enough blue fleece to make a tail, hat and jacket for him and a tail and a hat for Daddy.  They were adorable!  And Donovan very happily roars every time he gets into his costume!  He even wore the hat for more than an hour at the Halloween Carnival (and it was hot inside!) And the whole time we were Trick-or-Treating!

We got to attend the Halloween Carnival at school.  Since I’m the class rep for EC I got to help plan the games for our commons area.  I built a Pirate Hook Ring Toss game and one of those photo boards that you can poke your face through for pictures.  I was so happy with how they turned out, and the kids had a lot of fun with them!  We also had the Plinko board my dad built us last year.  Donovan spent nearly the whole Carnival going down the slide on the play structure in the commons. He also enjoyed a couple games that involved throwing bean bags =)


Serenity loved the whole carnival!  She played all the games, including one game of Treat Walk that took forever and she never won a prize.  (She did win at the second one downstairs finally, but I was impressed she stuck with it for so long!)  My favorite games (that I didn’t make myself 😉 were the Angry Birds game and the Hex Bugs race.  Such good ideas!  I’m thinking next year if I can talk the other reps into it I’m going to turn our whole commons into a pirate ship. =)  Or maybe a Monster Bash.






We went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood too!  We started out a bit too early because one street was having a carnival, but we weren’t sure exactly where it was.  The kids took off in two different directions while I was trying to figure it out, but we got our act together and headed off.  We got just enough candy, and I managed to pass all the snickers on and didn’t eat any.  Whew. =)  By the end of the night Serenity remembered to say thank you, and usually Trick-or-Treat. =)  Donovan held onto his bucket the whole time!  We counted the candy and sorted it by type so we could graph it when we got home.  44 pieces.


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