Serenity Update 12.5 Months =)

by Chrissie Wainright on July 24th, 2009
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Serenity is starting to say the cutest things!  I know I need to write them down before she moves on to other things, so here they are.  My two favorites of the moment are “snuggle” which she pronounces, “shuggle” and “see me.”  She often says snuggle and then leans up against me or Eric.  It’s so sweet.  I love that she’s a snuggly girl.  She has started saying “see me”  when she wants someone to pick her up, or even if she wants us to give her something.  For instance, she said “see me” to her choo choo train and held out her arms.  It’s too cute!  It’s neat that she’s starting to figure out things to say on her own, not just stuff we’ve taught her by saying “Can you say…”

Other cute stuff:  She says “rock rock rock” when she’s wanting to ride the rocking chair, but it comes out “wocka, wocka, wock.”  Jennifer says she sounds like Fozzie Bear =)  She is very interested in the alphabet.  I can’t say for sure, but sometimes when we sing the abc song to her, she says the letter H at just the right moment.  And Eric’s been working with her on the new shape sorter that has letter shapes, and sometimes she’ll say the letter that comes after the letter he says, like Eric says A, she’ll say B.  It’s definitely not a regular thing yet, but she’s trying to figure it out.

She figured out that people have names just like things do!  We went to Norman for the weekend and she learned to say Gavin and Jennie.  She repeated them over and over and over, and each time she was so thrilled because she knew their names and could get their response.  She also tried Allie’s name, and Abbey’s name.  At the park, Tom tried to bribe her with a hundred dollars if she’d say his name in ten seconds.  About two minutes later she did say it =)  And just now she said Serenity for the first time!!  I thought it would take much longer as Serenity is not an easy name =)  It sounds like Sren Ti but it’s perfectly cute =)


Serenity has started playing with her shape sorter!  Eric figured out that while she still doesn’t like the yellow lid to be on the shape sorter bucket, she will attempt to put the shapes through the yellow lid if it’s just on the floor.  And she can actually do it!  There was much cheering and clapping for her =)


Serenity showed us that she has a great imagination today!  She was playing in the office, and she started asking to play with my mouse.  She actually said, “mouse!” “mouse!”  I have a cordless mouse, so I handed it to her to let her play with it.  Then she set it on the ground and pushed it around saying “car!” “vrooooom!”  It was so cute!

Serenity has evidently decided that Mama’s phone is only used to call Grandma.  I let her play with it (until she sticks it in her mouth, when I have to take it away.  This always causes her consternation)  and she ran around the room saying “Grandma grandma grandma” and “Hi Hi HI!”  This sounds more like Gaa maa ga maa ga maa.  She was very enthusiastic with both the grandmas and the hi =) A few weeks ago she actually managed to dial Grandma and she thought that was great fun.  I went ahead and called Mom so Serenity could really talk to her again =)

Jennie Jennie Jennie!

Jennie Jennie Jennie!

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