Cousin Campout!

by Chrissie Wainright on September 29th, 2013
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We got to have a cousin sleepover this month!  Little Casey was off on a Boy Scout campout, which means Barrett was in the mood for some company.  So when Jen asked if he could come play while they had a date night, we decided to see if Carson and Raegan wanted to join the fun.  Mike and Kelly were ok with having a date night too, so we got to have a party!  Eric borrowed a tent from our friend Ben at his work, and we were all set!

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The kids had so much fun together.  And they played well together, even though there’s a bit of an age gap between my kids and the older cousins.  Barrett is basically Donovan’s big brother.  He watches out for him all the time, asks him to play, and always wants to hold him and help out with him.  Serenity was thrilled to get to play with her cousins, and I think it’s good when she’s not always the one in charge of deciding what the game will be.  Their favorite game this visit was playing pencil knights.  They used the huge pencils I made with pool noodles for Serenity’s Super Why Book Club, and would march around the house saying “Hup two three four, hup two three four!”  Carson was the king, and Serenity was occasionally the princess.  Raegan and Barrett were the pencil knights, but Serenity managed to get a turn as a pencil knight a couple times.  Donovan just used his regular sword, and he loves marching around as a knight.


Sleeping in the tent went way better than I expected.  We dragged out the cushions from our couch, a big foam mattress topper, and our crib mattress, so everyone had padding (at least at the beginning of the night.)  Barrett told lots of stories, and a few others chimed in with stories as well.  Eric asked fun questions, like what’s your favorite present of all time, or what is your favorite sport.  Six of us and we all chose different sports. =)  No one chose football though, whew.  The present answers were interesting.  Barrett’s favorite present is every lego kit he’s ever gotten or ever will get.  Raegan liked her trampoline.  Serenity likes her Kiwi Crates.

It was starting to get really late, so Eric suggested playing the quiet game.  I was flabbergasted when that actually worked.  Serenity won the first round of the quiet game, which was astonishing, and sometime during the second game, most everyone fell asleep!  Eric went first but DZ was close behind.  =)  And everyone stayed in the tent until basically morning!  I had to sneak out at 5am because the baby started kicking my bladder, but the first kids didn’t come in until 6!  Even poor Carson, who was blocking the door.  So much fun!!!  I can’t wait to do it again.  Although maybe not with the tent.  We left it up a couple more days, and when we went to clean it out there were two snakes inside!  The kids had opened it and I didn’t notice one day I guess.

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