December 27th

by Chrissie Wainright on December 27th, 2013
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December 27th: Retaking the Closet =)

I know, it’s not as exciting as the rest of December, but I have to say I’m glad to have my closet back.  The only downside of being so ready for Christmas this year, thanks to all my nesting impulses, was that I had two huge boxes filled with presents and no place to hide them except in my closet.  Plus I had tubs with my advent activities and gifts in manila envelopes labeled by days, and gallon baggies with stocking stuffers, which all adds up to me living out of a laundry basket for half of December =)  So today I got to take it back!  And Eric very kindly delivered all the toys and clothes I’d set aside for Goodwill, and I added most of my maternity clothes to the pile.  I love organizing! =)

IMG_5634 IMG_5639 IMG_5644

As far as what the rest of the family accomplished today…  Eric took Serenity and Donovan to the park and they got to enjoy the outdoors!  Yay for 60 degree days in the middle of winter =) We also played Dominion with Serenity, X-men while wearing capes (which was Donovan’s choice after Dominion.  I was really impressed with how patient he was while we played the big game with sister.  He played Little Computer for awhile, did some building with the candy construction set, and basically entertained himself.) I went to Target for an hour and came back with new lights for the house next year and lots of other fun things.  An hour away from the baby was long enough though!


Maia and I snuggled and napped.  When we woke up for the morning, both kids came in to visit and took turns holding the baby.  If they had their way I’d never put her down except in one of their arms.  At one point we were all snuggled together in my chair, and I was in heaven =)  They are so sweet with the baby.

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