December 30th: Home =)

by Chrissie Wainright on December 30th, 2013
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December 30th: Home =)      

Donovan was singing Rockabye Baby to Maia… and I think he realized just how wrong that song is.  He sang (not quite right) “Rockabye Baby, in the treetop, when the bough falls, the baby will break… I don’t want baby to break! Stay with me, baby!”  =)  Now you know why I always change the last line to “Mama will catch you, cradle and all.” 

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Today was another easy day.  We sang to Maia, read her books, and snuggled her.  Donovan got to play Hungry Hippos with both Mama and Daddy (winning most of the time)  We played some Dominion with Serenity.  Both kids ventured outside to feed a loaf of bread to the birds.  Serenity crumbled hers into tiny bits and left it all over the yard.  Donovan’s pieces aren’t quite as tiny, but I’m sure the birds will still appreciate it =)  Eric played some Magic and watched a little more Justice League with the kids.  I read my book, books to the kids, and snuggled all three of my babies.  =)  Oh, and my new postnatal yoga dvd came, so I did that.  I feel about an inch taller, which means a good yoga session!   Lovely day. 

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