Tulsa August 07

by Chrissie Wainright on June 24th, 2008
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So much happened during my visit to Tulsa in August 07!  My faborite part of course was seeing everyone and catching up on the news!  There are lots of new stories!  Here are some Raegan stories:
Raegan and Mom were at a Mexican restaurant, and Mom of course ordered a flan.  She gave Raegan a bite.  Raegan had a spoon in her other hand, and she liked the flan so much she stole a huge spoonful and got it in her mouth before anyone could say anything!  Mom says she stole at least half of the flan =)  Also, Raegan loves to watch Annie.  She even sang along with tomorrow!  Mom was holding her in her lap at the time, and it was very sweet to hear them sing a duet.  She knows the movie by heart already.  She would fling her arms when the dancers did, and kick her feet in time with the music.  And when the bomb goes off, she’d say BOOM and giggle.  She also likes to play with pretend food.  Mom has lots of little pots and dishes.  She made alphabet soup with the foam letters we have =)  She enjoyed pretending to eat them, although she seemed confused at first when KaLynn and I did it.  She got the hang of pretending quickly though.  After a nap, when Mom gave her a drink, she went to each animal on her bed (and there were a LOT) and gave each and every one of them a drink. 
Stories about Casey:
Casey, Mom and Barrett came to pick me up from the airport, and then we met KaLynn and Alek, Jana, Kiley, and Christina.  Kiley is so big!  The first thing Casey said to me was to ask me if I knew about the bush viper.  Apparently it lives in California, and there is no antivenom for it.  He told me later it was just in the desert, but it was certainly a new and interesting way to try and convince me to move away from Cali =)  Some other interesting facts: Casey is possibly the only five year old who knows the lyrics to Guns N Roses and U2.  Casey is very good at catch now!  He catches it most of the time, and he was always good at throwing it! We played Hamster and Velociraptor. 
Barrett stories:
Eats veggies 1st.  Loves cars.  Plays with Casey’s garbage trucks, but he uses them to haul his cars around.  He says go go dada vroom!  We played at the playground in the mall, and he loved climbing the pig.  He’d hold his hands up for me to hold and then he’d walk to the top and I’d help him jump off.  One morning he snuggled with me and Casey on the couch.  He wanted me to play with him too, and he would grab me by the fingers and pull me where he wanted me to go, just like Casey used to do!  We played peek a boo with his tent, and Simon Says.  He would want me to say “Simon Says, go go go!”  He danced to Laurie Berkner.  When we were working on Mimi’s ornaments, he was really excited to get to use the markers.  Usually only his brother is allowed to use markers, so he kept saying “brother, no no no”  He was so sweet to Carson, and gave him kisses. 

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