December 31st: Happy New Year!

by Chrissie Wainright on December 31st, 2014
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December 31st: Happy New Year!

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We had such a great day because Eric was home all day! It was lovely. We took down the Christmas ornaments and turned our tree into a New Years Tree. (Next we change it into a Maia’s birthday party tree 😉 The kids had fun filling their own ornament tubs with the ornaments they made themselves and the ones with pictures of them, or just ones they wanted to get to hang next year. Serenity wanted to do a craft, so I directed her to a list of ideas I’d been considering and she chose making a 2015 banner. We each took a number and made it fancy with paint, markers, gems and glitter. It turned out fun! And maybe it will help me remember what year it is =) I also worked on the lace crowns for Maia’s party, and the kids were still in a crafty mood so they helped me. I don’t know why I make crowns for a baby that will almost certainly pull it right off her head, what can I say, they are so pretty I couldn’t resist!


We picked up our glass from the glass studio, and it turned out so pretty!


We celebrated by taking a glow bath (Bathtime with glowsticks and bubbles, such fun!) Then we did a little countdown on the computer, and drank some apple juice. Serenity wanted to pray before the apple juice to have a nice start to the new year. We toasted with our juice (Maia’s cup was empty, and she took mine too so it’s a good thing I hadn’t served myself any juice yet. =) The kids thoroughly enjoyed their juice, and after Maia headed up to bed, we watched the King Julien countdown from Netflix.

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