Veronica and Juan’s Baby Shower

by Chrissie Wainright on February 22nd, 2008
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Friday, 22 February 2008
Patricia and I hosted a shower for Juan and Veronica!  It was such fun =)  Patricia is such a great party planner, and you know I love doing that sort of thing too!  We went back and forth for weeks on google docs, looking up ideas and brainstorming.  We decided on a bunch of fun activities.  My favorite was probably decorating the onesies =)  I know you get tons of onesies at showers, but I just loved decorating them!  We painted Strawberry Junior on our onesie.  (And we made a matching hat, and a shirt for Juan that says Strawberry, since he was the inspiration =)  We hung all the onesies on a clothesline as our decorations.  Jack drew an awesome locker and the clothesline came out of that to fit the jock part of our theme.  Oh right, the theme was jock/geek, since Juan and Veronica wanted to know which the baby was more likely to be =)  The other activities were a crazy candy game, where you tried to match the candy with the topic.  For example… Epiderals = Lifesavers.  We did it as a team activity, and everyone had a blast!  We also made up a mad-lib type story about the baby, where people could fill in their guess on when the baby would be born, and what Juan and Veronica would end up naming him, and what the baby would be like!  Some were very silly, some were fun!  I read them aloud (since I have a very loud voice when I want, which Patricia was surprised to discover =)  We did another game that was Celebrity Baby Scattergories, where you try and list as many celebrity parents/children as you can.  People were very creative!  Someone even listed John Adams and John Quincy Adams!  The last game went on while Juan and Veronica opened their presents.  We gave everyone blank bingo cards that they filled in with items they thought Veronica and Juan would get.  It was so funny!  Whenever a new item would come up, you’d hear everyone say YAY if they had it on their card.  If it was something no one wrote down… silence =)  Jack should have won, because he and Patricia gave them like five different things… but he didn’t write them in a row!!!  So other people won =)
 Besides games, we had several other things planned.  Patricia asked everyone to bring their favorite children’s book for the baby, and she had a basket fixed for the Baby’s First Library!  I absolutely love that idea!!!  She made bookplates so everyone could sign the book they gave.  We also had everyone bring a baby photo, and Eric fixed a fancy photo wall to hold them all.  It was fun to see everyone as a baby!
 Food-wise we let Veronica pick for obvious reasons.  =)  We made a four layer Red Velvet cake!  We had to practice once the week before to be sure we could do it, but it turned out great!  And gigantic!  We also made a cute cupcake tower as part of the decorations.  Eric loved the little rattle we used as a topper.  He kind of wanted it for himself!  (He was a big help in setting up… he got to use Jack and Patricia’s new vacuum, which he absolutely loves =)  Vacuuming is his favorite chore!)  We also made a baby carriage out of a watermelon for a centerpiece.  We got classic geek/jock food, chinese takeout, mini corn dogs, that sort of thing.  Very yummy… very unhealthy.  =)
 Juan and Veronica were very happy with the shower =)  That made it perfect!!!

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