Week 19 (or so) ultrasound!!!

by Chrissie Wainright on February 11th, 2008
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We’re having a girl!!!!!  We’re so excited =)  I was really praying for a cooperative baby so we’d know if she was a boy or a girl =)  The ultrasound was fun as always!  Had to drink water beforehand this time, and the sonographer got some great footage of the baby kicking my very full bladder =)  For the most part, she was sleeping though =)  I had to get in different positions to encourage her to roll over so she could get a good view of her spine!  It was just amazing =)  We even saw her sucking her thumb!  So cute =)  I’ll put up a couple of pictures for those of you who like to try and decipher the blurry black and white photos!  The sonographer said my due date should be more like the 13th of July, but I’m of the mindset that she’ll come whenever she wants to anyway so I’m not worried about it =)  Sometime July seems to be probable though.
Vote on our baby name poll at the right!!! =)  It’s fun =)  We don’t promise to take voting into consideration, but you may help us narrow our options a bit.  We have a lot of favorite girl names!  And no negative comments please, they make us sad =)  Unless we’re about to unwittingly do something like make the name rhyme, follow Thumper’s advice =)  

Everyone’s reactions to the news were such fun of course!!!  I called Jen and she barely had time to say “Yaaaay” before Mom calling her on call waiting.  Then I called Mom to talk with her, and she was thrilled that we know and can start planning!  Mimi was with her, and she got on the phone to say “I know just how to shop for little girls!”  She’s especially excited for that!  Everyone seems to like little girl clothes better =)  Then I went home and got on the computer to spread the news some more =)  Veronica is excited, her reaction was, “My baby has a girlfriend!!!!”  So funny =)  Juan was thinking a mixed badminton team, and Jack said a dancing couple in the making =) 
 I told Don he was going to have a niece and Don’s reaction was “I assume you’re referring to your ultrasound and that you’re not talking about stealing someone’s child.  Jason said Cool!  Marilyn wanted to talk about baby names and I’m always excited to do that!

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