Maia is 16 Months Old

by Chrissie Wainright on April 18th, 2015
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I’m not getting on the computer this month, so most of her 16th month will have to wait.  But I want to go ahead and schedule a story to come out on the 18th anyway =)



Maia is extremely Determined! When she wants you to read her a book, she will grab your hand, open it up, and smack the book into it. Then when you finish reading it, she will grab the book, grab your hand again, and smack the book into it so you know she wants it again. Repeat until you distract her with a different book.


Then there was the day of the superhero challenge. Eric let her walk all over the Post Oak Lodge where it was being held… except she was determined to walk into the pond. He would stand in front of her, and she’d push on his legs until he staggered back so she could get closer. Or she’d push her head between his legs to try and break through. And she tried going around and around and around him. After a while he would pick her up and spin her around, take her in a different direction for awhile, and then point her away from the pond. She would immediately turn around and find her way back to it and they’d go head to head again. She never fussed or threw a fit about being denied the pond, she just wasn’t going to give up. She tried to get into one of the bounce houses with similar persistence too.


Before the race she was walking down one of the paved paths. She’d walked a really long way, and Eric thought it was time to head back to the rest of us so they could join the race. So he tried to coax Maia to come down one of the side paths. She headed over to him when he called, took one step onto the side path… and then immediately u-turned and returned back to the middle of the road. So he tried again at the next side path… and once again she took one step off the path and then u-turned and went right back to her own plan. =) Very determined!

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