Project Clean out the Nursery

by Chrissie Wainright on January 29th, 2008
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Tuesday, 29 January 2008
Shredding Fun
One of the first tasks I set myself when I got home was cleaning and reorganizing the house!  Don said it was way too early to be nesting, but I wanted to take advantage of all my time off from work!  I went through every closet and got a huge pile together for the Salvation Army.  I got rid of all the clothes that no longer fit that also wouldn’t be good maternity clothes.  Even Eric voluntarily got rid of some clothes.  I also reorganized the closet so I could fit a few book boxes in there.  That way I could empty the bookshelf in the office to use as a dresser for the baby’s clothes.  Now, everything in the house is perfectly organized!  I love it!!!  I even cleaned so much out of the office closet that there are a few shelves for baby things =)  My next task was to reorganize all the office supplies so we could get rid of the tables and desks.  I managed to fit all the office supplies in the closet.  Then, I needed a shredder!  I shredded all the old documents that people said I didn’t really need to be saving!  I completely emptied the desk!  I had put most of the shreddings in trash bags, except one pile.  When I showed it to Eric, he got this mischievous look in his eye.  The second my back was turned, he dumped shredded paper all over me!  Well, I couldn’t let that go unpunished =)  So several bags got emptied on his head as well =)  What fun!  Now, the desk is gone, so this is really starting to turn into a nursery!  I’m even starting to call it the nursery instead of the office =)  I’m so excited!  I have so many plans for decorating!!!!

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