Donovan’s Paw Patrol Birthday

by Chrissie Wainright on June 19th, 2015
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Donovan’s Paw Patrol Birthday Party

pawpatrolinvite copy

Donovan’s party was a blast! When I asked him what he liked best, he told me he loved ALL the challenges and getting the charms. In the middle of the party as he was running from activity to activity, he suddenly ran across the room to me and said “I almost forgot. Thank you!! I love my party.” He is soooo sweet. =)


The party was The Paw Patrol Challenge. Since DZ had so much fun at the Superhero Challenge we went to this year, and he loves Paw Patrol, the theme was easy. We made challenges for each of the pups.

marshall copy
Marshall is the fire pup, and his challenge was to use the pup pack fire hoses to put out fires. I taped pictures of fire to our playhouse, and the kids got to use the water backpacks to squirt the fires. Everyone loved this! And the kids have been using the backpacks to water the garden since then so it was a total win =)




June 2015 Donovan as Zuma, his favorite Paw Patrol Pup =)

June 2015
Donovan as Zuma, his favorite Paw Patrol Pup =)

Zuma is currently Donovan’s favorite pup, the water rescue dog. I made a hovercraft out of cardboard for Zuma, and we used it to fish from. We also made a tunnel out of pool noodles to pretend to “Let’s Dive In!” which is his catchphrase. The tunnel was a little too short for most and too tall to go over for some, but still cute.


Fishing from the hovercraft was extra cool.

Fishing from the hovercraft was extra cool.

rubble2 copy

Rubble is the construction pup, but he also loves snowboarding. So we made a combination challenge for Rubble and Everest. My dad built a snowboard swing! It is SO much fun! We use it every day now, and even Eric loves it. We need a little bit taller tree for adults to use it easily but Eric manages anyway. I also got some yellow buckets and shovels that I added Rubble stickers too, with the thought that maybe I’d get a few bags of dirt to dig in, but I ended up deciding we were fine without that. =)

IMG_0261_forweb IMG_0445_forweb

rocky copy

Rocky is the recycling pup, and also one of DZ’s favorite. His challenge was to use grabber claws (just like he has in his pup pack on the show) to sort recyclables into bins. I used one of the dog houses I made for the Valentine’s party and decorated it with poster board and pool noodles to look like Rocky’s pup house. Oh, I made one for Marshall too. Maia sat in it for hours playing with Chase’s cones, it was too cute!

IMG_0250_forweb IMG_0316

chase copy

Chase is the police pup, and he’s also a herding dog. Eric and I had planned to make an obstacle course out of cones for his challenge, but Donovan told us that he should herd sheep instead. So we used our snowballs for sheep and made his an indoor challenge, which was actually really nice to have a break when it got hot outside. The goal was to herd all the “sheep” into a basket. I made his police pup car too =) Even Barrett tried that out! =) Oh, I also got a bunch of cones and put a Chase sticker on a megaphone we already had.


skye copy

The final challenge was the big surprise for the party… which I am not good at keeping surprises. I left a document open on my computer with the plan, which Serenity read. Fortunately DZ wasn’t around when she did, but then as we were setting up the party I let slip that the bounce house would be delivered at 8:30 and then I heard his little voice say, “What did you say? bounce house?” I turned around and his eyes were big as saucers, so it was a pretty good reaction even if he found out earlier than planned. Skye is an air rescue dog, so in order to let the kids work on their flying, we rented a bounce house/slide thing. It was fun! The kids played on it until it got hot, and then again in the evening when it cooled down. Everyone enjoyed it from the older cousins down to the little kids and Eric =)


This pup's gotta fly!

This pup’s gotta fly!

IMG_0278 IMG_0487
After completing two challenges, the kids were allowed to select a different charm for their bracelets. I found little Paw Patrol shoe charms, which fit into crocs or these bracelets. They were a huge hit, and DZ loves that his crocs are decorated now. And it gives him something new for his jewelry box. He filled two bracelets with leftover charms after the party. =)


Besides the challenges, Donovan wanted donuts for his birthday treat. I ordered from the special donut store dog-bone shaped donuts. He also requested watermelon, which were cut into dog biscuit shapes. Scooby snacks and goldfish finished off the food menu. Oh, and milk because he really prefers milk to juice. =) Super easy and delicious.

IMG_0337_forweb IMG_0354

I made pup packs for each of the children, little backpacks with the Paw Patrol pups on them. Donovan chose Zuma’s, and he filled it with all his swimming gear, kick board, swimsuit and goggles. Oh, and swimming rings. He’s used it all month and loves it. He also got an extra Rocky pack that he fills with tools. I also made badge necklaces. Oh, and one of the things we did was have everyone write a message for DZ in a Paw Patrol book. He loves it, and asks me to read the story and the messages nearly every night. And I love having that keepsake. =)

When it was just the Richards and us left, we did the Pin the Badge on Chase game =)  Super fun and silly =)

When it was just the Richards and us left, we did the Pin the Badge on Chase game =) Super fun and silly =)

Grandma got the lookout for DZ =)  He put it on top of his bed and has been sleeping in it.

Grandma got the lookout for DZ =) He put it on top of his bed and has been sleeping in it.

I love the banner with the pics of DZ as every pup =)

I love the banner with the pics of DZ as every pup =)

Aunt Jen brought chocolate!!!

Aunt Jen brought chocolate!!!

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