We’re having a baby!

by Chrissie Wainright on December 10th, 2007
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We’re having a baby!  Yay!!  We are so excited!  We’re due July 7th 2008.  (Doris’s birthday!)  Everything has been just wonderful so far!  I don’t have any morning sickness.  In fact, I feel great!  I tend to take naps in the afternoon though, and go to sleep early because I suddenly seem to wake up at seven every day =)  I’ve seen the baby twice now, and it’s starting to feel a little less surreal and more real.  
 I am SO happy!  And excited =)  I have three baby name books already, and I read them to Eric at night as he’s playing on the computer.  Some names we both like, some names he says “no thanks” to, which I think is a silly way of saying he doesn’t like it. At the moment, he’d like the baby’s initials to be WOW.  Wesley Oz Wainright. =)  Very silly, but the baby name book did say that people with initials that spell positive things live longer. 
 It’s really wonderful to get to tell everyone the happy news.  Mom and Jen were both so thrilled for me!  They knew how long I’d been trying.  Jen immediately told her family she was going to be an aunt again!  Big Casey said he was very excited for us too!  And Little Casey recommended that we name a girl Alice.  =)  Dad was so excited and surprised, he said “Really?!?!?”  He almost squealed =)  It was awesome!  And I called Mimi and Rosario.  Rosario’s reaction was one of the most fun.  I asked her if she was ready to be a grandma, and she started screaming, “I’m going to be a Grandma, I’m going to be a Grandma!”  =)  After those phone calls, we got to tell Eric’s parents at Friday dinner.  His Mom was so happy =) She said she was walking on clouds.  She jumped up and immediately hugged me.  His dad said later it made him feel old, but he was smiling too =)  Eric called Tina and told her. 

We told all our Cali friends at DoTahoe on Wednesday.  Well, I told Veronica on IM first since she wouldn’t be at dinner.  We chatted online for a really long time!  We’re very excited that our babies will be about three months apart only!  She asked how I was feeling and I felt a little bad that I wasn’t sick at all.  And we talked about nurseries, and baby shopping, and all sorts of things!  Then I got about ten IMs from Juan saying Congratulations!  That evening we told Jack and Patricia and Bobby first.  We even went over early cause I couldn’t wait any longer.  Everyone hugged us and was so excited!  We told Marilyn and Andrew at dinner.  Eric stood there poking them on the shoulder for about ten minutes before Patricia finally said, he’s wanting to tell you something.  They thought he was just being silly =) 

 I got the sweetest call from Kelly saying that she was so happy for us, and to call if I wanted to talk about anything at all!  She also offered me all of her baby things, as Carson is growing out of them all. 
 I called the girls of course, but Andrea was the first to call me back.  She was driving in heavy traffic.  I checked to make sure she was basically stopped before I told her.  She freaked out!  It was so funny.  She screamed and agreed that it was good she wasn’t driving fast.  I called her Aunt Andrea at the end of the phone call and she screamed again =)  It’s fun to push her buttons.
 I am just thrilled, and so is Eric.  He got to go to the second ultrasound to see the baby =)  I don’t know enough ways to say I’m happy to describe it well enough! 

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