Maia is 22 Months Old!

by Chrissie Wainright on October 27th, 2015
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Maia is 22 months old!  She is snuggly and extremely determined.  She has started greeting her brother and sister with enthusiastic hugs!  When she says Serenity sometimes it sounds like “sen-ty”, and sometimes more like “sissy” so we’re not sure if she’s saying Serenity or Sister or both.  It’s adorable though.  She’ll run to her and huuuug her, and then she’ll turn around and back into her so she can be held, standing or in a lap.  And today she gave her real kisses too!  She does the same to Donovan, and sometimes his name sounds like “Donovy” which is too cute.  She also tends to pat him a lot, which is usually sweet but sometimes painful.  Eric and I chorus “awwww” when she bursts with these displays of sibling affection.  She also runs to Mama and Dada when she sees us.  Eric came home from work today and all three kids ran to him and knocked him over and piled on top.  I just melted.  And grabbed the camera 😉  And Maia’s whole face lights up when she runs to me.  I swing her up in the air and snuggle her.  And she sticks her hand down my shirt.  I have failed so far in discouraging this habit.  Hence, determined baby.

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She also throws herself on the floor a lot when things aren’t going her way, and sometimes intentionally bonks her head to make Mama feel guilty for doing dastardly things like insisting on shoes or car seats.


She loves reading books, which she calls “Bookeeee!  Read read?”  Too cute!  (Milk also sounds like “Milkeeee!”

Bookeeeee!  And the rocking chair =)

Bookeeeee! And the rocking chair =)

She is turning into quite the gymnast.  One day I got watched her get out of bed.  She basically did a supported headstand, with her head on her mattress, kicked her feet up onto the side of the crib, and slid down and out of her bed.  I went to get the camera to record this phenomenon.  Well, when I had the camera, she decided to do a front somersault out of bed.  And now I know what she does for hours in her room when she is NOT NAPPING.  Yeah, naps are rare and wondrous things these days.


She loves being outside, but the bugs love her way too much.  Poor baby has gotten mosquito bites, or possibly oak mites, all over her poor face.  And it makes her swell up really badly!  Right now she has one right on the end of her nose, and she’s scratching it a lot =(  We put her in a sleeper and spray her with bug spray every time too.  We can’t spray her skin though!  She adores being outside.  She loves the sandbox best of all.  She seems to be emptying it one shovel full at a time into the playhouse.  She also loves swinging!  She enjoys riding Beep-Beep (Donovan’s little red push car) on walks around our neighborhood and to the playground.  We all love our new neighborhood so much!

Maia in Beep Beep

Maia in Beep Beep

We had several fun events this month. Pierce, Eddie and Andreana came to visit.  We had an absolute blast! =)  Maia adored chasing Pierce around the house, and the giggles from both of them were adorable!


Ann came for a visit!  We are all so thrilled when she comes!  She did puzzles and read books to Maia =)  I’ll save more about the rest of her visit for Serenity and Donovan’s posts, as they had some super exciting stuff thanks to Ann!


Ann also accompanied us to the pumpkin patch!  Maia was busy as she could be.  She climbed over pumpkins, and objected strenuously to being removed from them, until she discovered that meant she got to ride a horse!  “Horsey neigh neigh!  Yeee ha!”  Too cute.  And then afterwards she asked me “Horsey? Neigh Neigh?   Yes?” And when I said no, we didn’t have more tickets to ride the horse, she rolled around in the hay for awhile in despair.


Horsey Neigh Neigh!  or possibly, Yee haw!

Horsey Neigh Neigh! or possibly, Yee haw!


There's no door on our shower... so Maia often joins us and we are not always fast enough to get the diaper off.

There’s no door on our shower… so Maia often joins us and we are not always fast enough to get the diaper off.

Maia's first Do a Dots!  Messy and fun =)

Maia’s first Do a Dots! Messy and fun =)

I made her a little dress out of this year's Uschool shirt =)

I made her a little dress out of this year’s Uschool shirt =)

Bedtime acrobatics.  Mama taking pictures is probably NOT helping.

Bedtime acrobatics. Mama taking pictures is probably NOT helping.

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