Serenity is 18 Months Old!!!

by Chrissie Wainright on January 9th, 2010
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January 7th 2010!

A new year, a new document =)

Since the last month was extensively documented (each and every day, see December Daily posts!!)  I don’t have a whole lot to add at the moment!  So I’ll just record a few of Serenity’s favorite phrases at the moment.  I hear these pretty much every day!

“HUG!” (Usually said as she leans her little head up against someone, but occasionally she actually uses her arms now!  And she also says this when she squeezes one of her many stuffed animals.  I’m so happy she likes stuffed animals now, for so long she had no interest at all but now she loves them!)

“Sit DOWN on Mama” or “Sit DOWN on Daddy!”  She usually says this when she wants to sit in our lap, and she loves to have us sit on the stairs and then climb all over us.

“Go Get Down”  She says this when she wants out of her high chair.

“Other….(sock, shoe, foot, or some toy)  When I say, here’s a sock, she’ll say “other sock”, and so on.  It’s cute how she understands the concept of other and is so excited by it =)

“Super Letters!”  Her favorite toys and books are all alphabet related right now, and she adores Super Why.  It’s so funny to hear her repeat phrases from the show, like “wonderrific!”  and “super readers!”

“Delicious!”  She says this when we’re playing tea party usually with Tinkerbell =)

“Gotta Go” Daddy really started this one, he would say this while chasing her.  Now she says it when she wants to be chased.

“Climb Upstairs, climbing climbing…” (sounds more like cwimb =)

“Fly fwoosh” (flying her super readers and Tinkerbell with sound effects.)

“Declaration Independence”  She refuses to say the of…

“Go Night Night”  It’s so hard to believe, but she actually ASKS to go to sleep sometimes now!  After her bath, some nights she’s been so sleepy she asks to get in the bed before we even read books.  And most nights now it’s just one or two books instead of twenty minutes of reading.  Considering how challenging it was to get her to sleep most of the first year, this is so crazy I just don’t know what to think about it, except to hope it stays this way a while longer =)


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