December 26th to 30th…

by Chrissie Wainright on December 29th, 2015
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So I’ve fallen a bit behind in December Daily, just a few stories to share from the last four days, and not many pics so I’m going to do it all at once.


December 26th: Gavin and Jennie!!!!

Today I took no pictures, which often happens at the end of December.  But we had a great day!  We got to see Gavin, Jennie, and Corwyn!!!  We all had so much fun.  Anne served us some delicious lasagna, we played a round of seven wonders, and the kids ran around and played so well!  We also got to play an awesome round of spades in which both teams got turns at blind nil, plus a ten for two hundred that worked.  Good times.  And not just because Jennie and I won =)


December 27th: Slushed In

Today we were supposed to go to the Christmas Tea at Abbey’s house, but the weather was yucky so we stayed home instead.  Me, at home with 4 dozen pumpkin muffins.  Eeek.  I was a little productive though, and made the felt animal masks I’d been thinking about for Maia’s birthday party next week.  Donovan was SO excited about the fox mask he went to sleep.  And when I topped that by making a tiger mask that he’d asked for a few times, he jumped up (away from the Batman lego game he’s addicted to) and gave me a huge hug and said “huggy huggy huggy I LOVE my fox and my tiger.”  So sweet.  He’s put in a request for a fox tail as well which sounds like a great idea to me =)

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December 28th: Snow!

We had actual snow!  After LOTS of rain yesterday the snow was pretty… especially since Eric had already taken off work and we had nowhere we needed to be.  We stayed inside and played lots of x-box, read books, and just hung out.  Eric pulled out his Choose Your Own Adventure books from when he was a kid, and he and Serenity and DZ started an adventure.  And it was so much fun he started one with me too.  But he refused to give me any clues as to what I should pick!  When I was a kid, I’d read choose your own adventures I would flip to each option to see which I liked best when the decision was particularly difficult.  Since that was heresy according to Eric, I bargained with him that if he didn’t want me to peek, every time I made a choice we would clean something.  That worked pretty well for us both =)  But oh, sometimes I want to peek!  I sorted through all the school papers and photographed it.  Serenity writes lots of sweet things about her brother in her homework =)  I love it!

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December 29th: Still at home and loving it.

Today we kind of lazed away.  We organized the lego room, vacuumed it and banned the children from getting anything out in there.  We are expecting company later in the week and having a party on Saturday and we just wanted something to stay clean for five minutes after we cleaned it.  Unlike our closet, which Eric diligently cleaned and the kids exploded it the same day.  They had to pick it back up, but that’s what it’s like when we’re all inside for days on end.  Maia actually put on her shoes finally to go outside for a minute.  Her new shoes are fuzzy on the inside boots, which I thought would be warm and soft, but after a minute outside she started crying and came inside to take them off.  So I don’t know.  We may be housebound until summer.

We did spend some time decorating Maia’s room today.  Since her woodland birthday is this weekend I was inspired to get her pictures and stuff back on the wall.

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