Donovan in January

by Chrissie Wainright on February 2nd, 2016
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Donovan has become a perler bead expert.  I found some star wars perler bead patterns in December, and he made several light sabers and enjoyed it.  When he asked to do them again in January, I found some adorable Star Wars figures and made a pattern for him on graph paper.  He loves them and is always thinking ahead to the next one he wants to do!  He has made Darth Maul, Yoda, and Darth Vader so far.  Which means we had to buy more black perler beads, and Eric came home with some awesome glow in the dark options too.  He’s working on Boba Fett right now.  It’s interesting to watch him work, because he will sometimes be diligent and place a whole row of beads right in a row, and other times he will just sit, and look at it, and procrastinate.  It’s hard not to urge him to focus and get it done, and sometimes I do tell him that if he leaves his perler beads sitting out we will have to put them back in the box before they get spilled.  But I am mostly amazed that he can do such big patterns and enjoy it so much!

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Donovan loves his scooter that he got for Christmas.  I’m not sure we can ever take it outside though because he loves riding it around the house so much!


He has played a few more grown up board games with us this month, and always begs to play them again.  He tried Eric’s new magic the gathering game with minifigures, and Lords of Waterdeep and likes them both.  He also played Castle Panic, lots of Pete the Cat word game with Mama, and still enjoys Lost Puppies.

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Snap Circuits Lights

Snap Circuits Lights

He got to spend his gift card from Kiddlestix that Papa got him for Christmas. He found just the perfect things.  He knew before he went that he wanted legos, so he chose a ninjago lego set.  It was a ninjago guy flying a dragon, and the dragonrider’s name was Zane.  So perfect.  Then he found a ninja costume to wear while doing his legos!  Perfect and adorable.  He slept in his ninja costume all weekend =)


Donovan said he really loves our new house because of the tree swing, and he is glad we are staying in it as long as we live in Oklahoma =)


Donovan got to go to Marvel Universe Live with Barrett and Eric.  He had a blast!  And told me he wants an X-men party for his birthday =)  We will see, last month it was Batman and before that it was tigers, so he has a lot of good ideas!

Donovan did his first sewing projects!!!  He loved it and asked to do all the projects from the page I showed them.  He first made this little turtle. He chose the colors, helped guide the fabric in the sewing machine, pushed the pedals and glued on all the decorations.  He made a sun too!


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