Serenity in January

by Chrissie Wainright on February 6th, 2016
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January was a great month for Serenity.  She finally got her turn as Student of the Week in P2.  She was thrilled, and told me when she got in the car that when her name was called she got a big group hug from her sweet classmates.  It was so much fun to find out what she chose for show-and-tell each day.  I think she chose things that were great fun to share with the class!


Monday she took her newest Calico Critter, baby bunny Sophie, that she bought with her gift card from Papa.  She took the little bassinet and tiny potty that came with Sophie.  She does absolutely love those little tiny animals, and actually used part of a gift card to Barnes and Noble from Ann on some baby panda Calico Critters.


Tuesday she wanted to take her Ladybug Land, but she couldn’t bring the actual thing since it might have hurt the bugs, so I took pictures of her adding water to the ladybug habitat and she took the instructions to tell her classmates about ladybugs.

jan152016 026

Wednesday she took Snowy, her longtime favorite stuffed animal that we got at the Tulsa Zoo.  She told the class how the day she got her we watched the snow leopards racing around their cage and being particularly adorable.


Thursday Eric got to go and read to the class!  Serenity knew she wanted one of her personalized books, so she went with The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name.  Eric did lots of crazy voices and was apparently a big hit.  She took McKenna, her American Girl doll Rae gave her, wearing her Elsa dress and walking her pet kitten on a leash.


Friday she took her unicorn Selena.  Lots of her animals get named Selena right now, but this one is a tiny, very soft unicorn that came with a unicorn adoption manual.  She also took the pillow she sewed for Selena to sleep on.


Serenity also had a fun Girl Scout event!  This semester we are doing the 3 Cheers for Animals journey, and Lillyan’s mom Amy offered to take the girls birding to learn about birds.  She put out  birdseed near Oxley nature center every day for a week, and then she and her adviser from TU, along with several wonderful field assistants, put up nets.  The birds were caught in the nets, and the girls were able to observe them closely!  It was fantastic!  They got to gently pet their heads and tail feathers, and even hold them if they wanted.  Serenity loved it, although she did get pecked by a female blackbird, but even that was educational =)  We saw juncos, a titmouse (which made a funny squeaking sound), male and female cardinals, a field sparrow (Serenity’s favorite) and the blackbirds.  A bluejay got caught but was too big for the netting they were using so he escaped.

IMG_6037 IMG_6042 IMG_6078

Serenity adores the yoga swing we put up for Maia’s birthday.  All the kids spend a lot of time in it.  And it can hold Eric or me too! And she swings outside every beautiful day we have =)

jan152015 023

Serenity and I got to go by ourselves to Science Saturday!  Papa kept Maia, and Eric and DZ were off at Marvel Universe Live.  Mrs. Hamby always comes up with amazing experiments!  Serenity’s favorites this year were the “yummy” ones.  The marshmallow shooters, which she didn’t want to read the instructions for, but instead wanted to make her very own design, were one of her favorites.  Her other favorite (and mine) were the Cupcake Core Samples.  Mrs. Hamby brought out cupcakes frosted in white icing, and we were to put straws in five different parts of the cupcake, and theorize what the cupcake would look like when sliced in half.  It was so much fun!  Serenity immediately wanted to do it again at home, but she said “I think we should make cupcakes ourselves instead of Mrs. Hamby having to do it.” Lol =)

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