Donovan’s Birthday Party

by Chrissie Wainright on June 29th, 2016
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Donovan’s 5th Birthday: Superhero Splash!!!


After much discussion, we settled on a Superhero Splash theme.  I encouraged this largely because I’d already made regular superhero capes a couple of times, and then I saw this towel cape and thought what fun it would be to make them for party favors!!!  And it was just the inspiration I needed, Donovan had a blast!!!!!

We had a lot of key elements already. Dad bought them a little blow up waterslide several years ago for Donovan’s first birthday, and it still works, and the kids still love it. We called it “Spiderman’s Wall Climb.” We also used the KidWash we built for Serenity’s mermaid party.  We turned it into the Batmobile Wash.  The kids help me hang bats, lots of blue, yellow and black pool noodles, and some colorful strips cut from plastic tablecloths to perfect the look =)

IMG_8375IMG_8430 IMG_8377 IMG_7865

Some new things we got were a couple of slip N slides.  Ok, one new one, one accidentally stolen(and replaced) from Brian Vo at Fantastico.  We called that Flash’s Runway.  It was SO much fun!  The kids slid all over the place.  Barrett (Robin) and Carson (or Super Iron Carson Man, as he prefers to be called now) had some serious races.  So much fun!!!

IMG_8385 IMG_8386 IMG_8654 IMG_8705

I also got a water blob.  I’ve made these myself before, and they are a lot of fun to lounge on when it’s hot outside, and then I saw one on HearthSong that can be reused.  Brilliant!  I put a Justice League party backdrop underneath it, and it looked pretty cool =)  They liked hanging out with Aquaman =)

IMG_8421 IMG_8388 IMG_8416

Eric set up a superhero training obstacle course in the yard.  We printed pictures some of Donovan’s favorite villains and taped them to trees, fences, and the swing set.  The kids ran around the yard throwing ninja stars and batarangs (made from a star shaped pool noodle and craft foam).  They had to jump up on the stumps, run through trees, and get all the bad guys.  After they practiced for awhile, I brought out the foam water squirters.  I told them the Riddler had stolen all the fruit snacks for the party, and they needed to retrieve them!  So they all grabbed the water cannons, and Eric ran around the corner cackling wildly.  Every time he got squirted he would drop a few fruit snacks, like a live action piñata!  SO fun!  Eric was drenched =)

IMG_8392 IMG_8399 IMG_8406 IMG_8410

IMG_8468 IMG_8498

The kids and I painted a bunch of boxes to look like skyscrapers =)  It made for a cute picture!  It was raining when I set up the party though, so I brought them quickly under the patio.  We had a bit of a superhero swamp.  Most of the adults huddled on the patio watching the action, because you had to slog through ankle deep mud to get to the rest of the yard.  Fortunately, the sun came out, so except for that one little mud river, the yard worked great =)

IMG_8335 IMG_8339 IMG_8342

Donovan chose donuts for his birthday treat, of course =)

IMG_8364 IMG_8332 IMG_8641 IMG_8611 IMG_8509

We remembered fishing!  I don’t think the kids will let us forget again.  I wrapped the pole in washi tape so it could be Spiderman’s web grab.  That was Donovan’s idea =)

IMG_8543 IMG_8532

Happy Birthday to my sweet, snuggly superhero!  You are so much fun.  You have just the sweetest, silliest giggle, and such a kind heart.  I love you so much and I am so lucky to be your Mama!!!IMG_8381


Cousin Fun =)

Cousin Fun =)

With Hatcher =)  Love the icing smiles =)

With Hatcher =) Love the icing smiles =)

IMG_8708 IMG_8695 IMG_8670 IMG_8663

Tower of Chocolate.  The gift we are still enjoying =)

Tower of Chocolate. The gift we are still enjoying =)


Surprised and happy to find this Spidey to go with his Batman =)




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