Maia’s Summer

by Chrissie Wainright on September 6th, 2016
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Maia’s summer =)


Fix a cwock…  Fix a clock?  Fix it click?  Not entirely sure what this phrase means.  She used to just say it when her show stopped, so she would get the remote and say “fixacwock.”  So I thought maybe she wanted me to click the button?  But now she says it all the time, and I just fix whatever it is =)




Maia is speaking more clearly every day.  I was thrilled the other day when instead of throwing herself on the floor and hitting her head, she said “I angry!”  Yay for words!  And another day, in the middle of a fit, I told her to tell me when she was ready to be calm, and after about thirty seconds, she looked up and calmly said “ready!” and she went to her room to choose clothes to wear.  Yay!


Music class is still her favorite place to go.  That and Papa’s house are the two places she eagerly goes to the car for.  She gets to listen to the cd from music class in the car now, and that makes us all happy.  The first time I heard her little voice singing all the lyrics I had a moment of wondering who it was singing, because I could hardly believe she knew all the words!  “I’m twirling in the water and it’s RAAAIIINING (waining) =)  SO cute.  She loves the cd, which has lots of songs about water and raining, and we sing them when it’s actually raining and in the pool a lot.  She participates in every song at music class, and gets so excited her enthusiasm makes everyone smile =)  She really tries to follow the teacher, do all the moves and sing!  I love it!


I’m having trouble with my pictures from July.  I changed computers and my photo saving system has fallen apart!  So I’m a little lost on what to post for July and early August! And now wordpress won’t let me upload more than one at a time.  Arrrrgh!


Maia loves reading books, especially anything with numbers or letters.  She reads Chicka Chicka 1,2,3 and recognizes numbers up to the thirties, and 100.  There is a 100 on Donovan’s car seat that she points out whenever she climbs into the car.  She knows all her letters, so I’m starting to write short words for her to read.  She loves it when we write letters and words in sidewalk chalk, but you have to keep going through the whole alphabet. =)  She loves Endless ABC and Endless Reader on the ipad, and it’s adorable to hear her read or repeat words like gargantuan.  She surprises me with the number or words she recognizes, like red, and very, and big.  A combination of SuperWhy, and lots of books =)  She may want a SuperWhy party for her birthday… we will see. =)


She had a wonderful time in California!  She loves her Vanaema and Farfar!  One of my favorite memories is her getting us all to sing smogrodna in the backyard until we were all worn out and she was still smiling and doing all the moves!  So sweet!

Selfie on the train!

Selfie on the train!


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