Serenity’s Summer 2016

by Chrissie Wainright on September 6th, 2016
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The end of summer was all about Jamaa for both Donovan and Serenity.  Serenity’s birthday party theme was Animal Jam, and we turned the play room upstairs into Jamaa.  I painted murals on butcher paper for each of the lands, and collected all the tents, forts, crazy forts, sheets, and fancy fabric for the kids to make dens to sleep in.  The party was a sleepover, and the kids all made their own dens with inspiration from Animal Jam.  Well, the Serenity and DZ have continued this all summer, making a dozen different dens and having sleepovers in there all summer.  It was such a blast!  They are sleeping in their own beds now that school has started but I cleaned out all the old dens and the playroom is ready for new building =)

She sewed clothes for Sunny Wind!

She sewed clothes for Sunny Wind!

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Barrett Slept in Jamaa!

Barrett Slept in Jamaa!

Carson and Raegan came over to build the craziest crazy fort ever in Jamaa

Carson and Raegan came over to build the craziest crazy fort ever in Jamaa

Room redecorating:  Two days before summer vacation ended, we finally painted her bedroom!  We had discussed rainbows, fairy gardens, and other such things, and decided to paint rainbow stripes on one wall, and the others a beautiful aqua blue like the sky.  She wanted grass but she settled on a green yoga mat for the floor and a green blanket for Donovan’s trundle bed =)  I got rainbow sheets from pottery barn, and her first bed frame since her crib!  We got a beautiful Jenny Lind bed from the Land of Nod.  So pretty!  She has a few more projects in mind, like repainting her Serenity letters.  And I bought rainbow chevron decals to fancy up her ceiling fan and a coloring canvas for her to color and put on the wall, but she already loves it!

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Cali trip: Jelly Belly, Castle Rock, Beach Day, Bike ride, train ride at park,

We always love our California visits, and this one was no exception.  Serenity had sleepovers with Henry, and went to the Jelly Belly factory with Auntie Patricia.  They were reading the beanboozled game, where you taste beans that are either normal flavors, or yucky ones like ear wax.  Well, she said that she could probably eat the booger flavored ones, because she eats her own anyway.  =)  LOL!!!  She told me she tried lots of yummy flavors, but peach is her current favorite.



She adored climbing at Castle Rock.  She’s pretty adventurous!  More than I can enjoy, at least while I have to keep Maia from following as well.

IMG_8743 IMG_8735 IMG_8758

We had our last week of summer traditional visit from the Richards.  I love it because the kids have so much fun together, and I get to really visit with Abbey =)


Soap Making:  Serenity got her first Doodle Crate.  It was AWESOME!  She got to try soap making!  And she could do the whole project basically alone, although I cut the glycerin for her.  She made beautiful soaps, and used every bit of the materials they sent.  Totally fun!  Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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Mama's birthday! I got watermelon cake =)

Mama’s birthday! I got watermelon cake =)

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