Will and Kela’s Wedding Reception

by Chrissie Wainright on July 30th, 2007
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I was so lucky that nothing was happening on May 12th, so we got to go to Will and Kela’s reception in Oklahoma!  Gavin and Jennie picked us up from the airport, and we drove out to Poteau.  It’s about three hours from Norman, but the drive was fun because we got to hang out with Gavin and Jennie.  And I learned how to use the color swap function on my camera, so I can take pictures in black and white with just one color showing, or I can switch colors.  It’s fun!  We got to see so many APO friends at the reception!  Will and Kela, of course, Tom and Emily, Jessie, Scott and Nate we were expecting, but Jessica and Phillip, and Don and his fiancé Melissa were there.  Finally, I get to meet someone’s fiancé before the wedding!  Nate is at a particularly cute stage.  He loves melon!  They had a picture of him eating honeydew melon right off this huge rind.  Jessie tried to put him on the grass at one point and he did not like that one bit.  He lifted his arms, legs and head off the ground and wouldn’t touch the grass.  Pretty funny!  We got to watch movies and slides of the wedding ceremony in Jamaica.  It was beautiful!  Will loved it so much he wants to plan a group vacation there next year.  I hope we can go!
We played some games after the reception was over, including another new cranium game, I think it’s called conga.  The cards are all who, what, or where, and you roll a dice to see how you have to act them out.  It’s either charades, drawing, giving single word clues all starting with the same letter, or bigger than/smaller than clues.  It was a lot of fun.  I got Mr. Rodgers as a clue for a drawing one.  It was hard!  I drew a man tossing his shoes around because that’s the only think about Mr. Rodgers neighborhood that I can remember.  Then I drew a neighborhood, which Jessica guessed, and then Gavin actually said Mr. Rodgers!  I was shocked, and so was he because he didn’t think he was right.  It was great =)  Then, I repaid his kindness on his next clue.  The answer was firefighter, and I got it after he had drawn a rectangle and three windows.  Obviously it was a tall building that was going to be on fire =)  I felt a little psychic.  We had a blast! 

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