Serenity’s Swingset

by Chrissie Wainright on April 12th, 2010
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The  big building project of the Spring has been to make an outdoor play structure for Serenity.  My wonderful Dad planned it all and built it with everything we could possibly want, and we have ideas for more things to add as she grows!

First we had to dig deeeeep holes for the big posts.  More than two feet below the ground so they would be below freeze line.  And we had to make sure the posts were perfectly square… which required some manhandling with a crowbar.  Then we poured cement!


After that we built roof beams and braces on the sides to keep it from swaying when we installed the porch swing.

Or course, Eric immediately climbed on top =)

Or course, Eric immediately climbed on top =)

Dad built the porch swing and stained it a pretty honey color for us!  He added a pole to hold a swing for Serenity on one side, and something else on the other.  Right now, it’s a disc swing, but we might do a tire swing or a regular big person swing.


There’s a roof now, which we will eventually make a ladder for so that Serenity can have a playhouse up there when she’s bigger. On the back we put in a platform with a slide, climbing wall, and ladder.  She doesn’t really like the climbing wall yet, so we may add something else or change it a bit.  =)



She loves swinging especially, and climbing her ladder and throwing things down the slide =)  And she’ll sit with Daddy and Mama and swing on our big swing for long cozy intervals =)  We love it!  Thanks so much Dad!!!!

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