Maia in January and February

by Chrissie Wainright on March 5th, 2017
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Maia Year 4 2017


Recently, in response to someone asking how she is, Maia responded “I am Strong and Powerful!!”  I’ve heard her say it several other times since, and it’s true, she really is!  She also responded “I’m adorable” which is true too.  =)  She wants to organize things her way for sure.  She loves to snuggle, and is still obsessed with elbows.  Which I’m sure we’ll look back on as an adorable stage, but right now it just makes me laugh as she adjusts my arm to make my elbow in the most interesting position.

She is dressing up to the extreme these days.  She got a Sophia crown and amulet for her birthday, which she wears with her “purple princess dress” which is technically Fancy Nancy.  It’s adorable!  She still loves wearing her Paw Patrol Skye hat with her purple fancy shoes, wings, and her pumpkin bucket.  She also loves dressing up as a dinosaur, especially when dancing to her newest Laurie Berkner cd.  There’s a superhero song on that CD, so she’s worn a superhero cape to music class a few times.  I love it!

She loves Paw Patrol, and was thrilled when we went to Paw Patrol Live!  Once the show started she was enthralled.  And when she saw a Paw Patrol book at the book fair with a handle like a suitcase, her jaw literally dropped!  Along with the other book in her hand because she just had to hold the Paw Patrol book.  =)  She can read a surprising number of words, and often calls out words she sees on signs.  We were parked in the line at school, and she kept repeating “far book, it says, far book!”  I had no idea what she meant, until I saw the book fair sign!  =)

She’s doing more crafts these days, especially painting and play-doh.  She still likes stickers sometimes, but definitely not as much.

It’s been a fun winter, but we are thrilled to see the daffodils we planted in the fall begin to bloom!  Maia’s “gifts” are so beautiful!

I don’t know if I’ve written this phrase down anywhere yet, but it’s one of my favorites.  “oopsie daisy me!”  She says that when she falls, or makes a mess.  So cute =)

Fox Power and Flamingo Power! I love that Maia really plays with her siblings now! They are so cute together!!!

Ninja and his pirate sister =)

Maia got to play lots of tea party with Vanaema!

She sleeps with a pile of Super Readers most nights =)

Polar Bear Power!

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