Donovan’s 6th Birthday! Skylanders!

by Chrissie Wainright on September 11th, 2017
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Donovan’s Skylander Birthday Party

This year Donovan really wanted to play Skylanders for his party.  And he didn’t want a Skylanders theme, with lots of people and games inspired by skylanders, he wanted to play the actual video game with a few close friends, ideally as a sleepover.  Since his friends from school are a little too young to sleep over yet, we decided to do his party in two parts.  He had Carson and Barrett come over in the evening for video games and a sleepover, and had his friends Hatcher and Trip over in the morning to play Skylanders.  Since his party was so simple, we got a new X-box to replace the one that kept dying in the middle of the game, and got the Superchargers for the x-box and Supercharger racing game for the Wii that’s been in our closet for five years.  Eric picked up a bunch of guys off E-bay and Donovan was THRILLED!  It was such a good idea of Eric’s to wait to get a game until it had been out for a few years, you can get them so much cheaper and our kids don’t care that it isn’t the latest version.

Superchargers Surprise! DZ was so excited with all the guys he got!!!! He especially likes Splat and Stealth Elf =)

Decorations =) The masks were handy! And DZ suggested we decorate the birthday poster with Skylanders stickers.

I arranged his Skylanders by type on this shelf… we had never done this before so I had no idea his collection was this extensive!!!! Thanks Carson and Barrett =)

For his birthday treat, of course Donovan chose donuts!  We got them in the shape of the Life, Air, and Water elements.   Yummy as always and so cute!

Stealth Elf Goes Pop (Ring Pops)

Whirlwind Rainbows and Pop Fizz’s potion bits

DZ loved Chop Chop Chips =)

Donovan had a blast with both parties.  I set up a candy table and got little Skylander lunch boxes for the kids to fill with treats.  It just seemed like junk food and video games go really well together.  I tried to have a variety of things, and Serenity helped me out making labels and giving the food Skylander names.  I put out slightly different candies in the evening, so Carson got his favorite Reese’s peanut butter cups, which made him very excited.

Donovan had fun introducing Hatcher and Trip to Skylanders.  I don’t think they had played video games quite as much, or at least not Skylanders, so they learned a lot about it very quickly.

The evening party was very different from the morning party.  When Barrett and Carson get together they play rough!  They chased each other around the house in Skylander costumes attacking with foam swords, and DZ was fascinated!  They had a pillow fight too!  He had fun playing with them too.  I had made a portal out of one of our big floor pillows and some cardboard, and the kids all took pictures in Skylander costumes.  I got Donovan a Spyro jacket, which doubled as a costume, and also SnapShot and Wallop costumes from Party City.  The kids were so cute in them!  I accidentally ordered them in boys sizes instead of little kid sizes, so they were really big!  I had to shorten them so DZ could wear them at all, but that means they fit his cousins too!  Oh, they sat on the portal to play the game some too which was cute =)

Donovan loved his presents.  He got a cool new lego set from Carson that he put together with me and loved.  He was crazy excited about his present from Barrett.  Jen ordered him a new Skylanders lunch box and thermos.  He was screaming and jumping up and down.  Later, Amazon asked Jen for a review of those products and she said she just didn’t know how to translate DZ’s reaction to them =) lol!

As expected, falling asleep didn’t happen quickly or easily, but everyone had fun even the next day, so it went as well as can be expected =)  They all slept on beds and couches and watched some Inspector Gadget.  We all went to the pool and the kids had a blast swimming with their cousins the next day.


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